You Can Say Yes to the Impossible – Here’s How

I have something I want to talk to you about. Something I am passionate about. I’m passionate about passion! Let’s talk about your passion. Your creativity. Your mark. Your way. About how to take a dream and bring it to life. About how passion works.

Passion is something that every woman has.

In fact, every person has it. The magic of living your life as if you were a continually creating – and recreating – a work of art. The magic of taking a stand to live your dreams and desires, on this earth, in your lifetime. That is not an easy line to toe. Because what is a passion, anyway? Certainly, it is not something you crank up, willfully, out of your imagination.

The definition of the word passion is, a strong and barely controllable emotion.

Passion is the interface between you, and that which is greater than you.

Passion contains hope, expectation, action.

Passion is a divine seed planted inside you that you, and only you, can create the growing conditions for. Or not.

You can kill passion. So many women, right now, run from their passions. Shy away from their passions. Bury them alive. Buried passion is dangerous. Without love and listening, without welcome and careful attention, a passion will dim down, turn on you and extract its price – your light.

It will eat away at your heart, body, mind, and soul. It will take away your life force. It will kill your enthusiasm. Zap your health. Dull your senses. Crucify your courage. Replace itself with anger, seething under the surface, evaporating your joy.

You see this every day. You walk down the street and see people who are alive but not living. Depression. Resignation. Substance abuse. Illness. Addictive behavior. Eating disorders.

And then, the opposite is true. You can allow your passion to flourish within you, which will cause an extraordinary chemical chain of events, within and without you. Living your passion is an adventure like no other. Every day is a hairpin turn. A huge effort that leaves you winded and proud. Filled with the thrill at leaving your mark on the world, your community, your family, YOU!

This world is forever changed because of your presence. You stretch out in your bed at night, knowing you have given your all, played your hand; you have shown the f*ck up.

This world wants to be changed by you. By your desires. Your voice. Your impact. Your legend. And your current suffering can be traded in, any time, for a life of living your dreams and desires. This is not easy. Actually, it can be quite a bitch!

It requires courage beyond courage. It will press you and change you and force you to become your destiny. Which is never aligned with what you imagine your life will look like. It is always way better. Even if it might feel a bit shitty at first.

Yet, it’s yours. I want you to taste your passion. I want you to live your dreams. I want this world to feel the impact of you, the way your foot presses itself beautifully and perfectly into the sand, forcing the sand away, making room for the imprint that is you. Think of a passion you have. Could seem frivolous. Could be quite serious.

Push past your comfort zone. Every woman must find her own way to say yes, when her stars light her path and beckon her into an adventure that incessantly whispers her name. And the precise measure of the resistance is the precise measure of the gain. When we resist our passions, it’s a clear indication of the miraculous magic that awaits you on the other side of your ‘yes’.

Today, I want to invite you, implore you, and inspire you to live your passions in a very brave way.

Push your edge, no matter what your passions are, to explore the many ways to say yes to something that seems impossible.

Let’s practice this in the comments below – here’s what I want you to do now:

  • First, list at least 2 or 3 passions you are harboring.
  • Then – tell me all the reasons why they can’t happen.
  • And then, as if you were made of magic (which you are), give me one step that you are going to take, today, to leave your mark on the world and set your dream on its feet.

Let’s work together and I will help you bring your passions to life!




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