Once I Had to Get a “Real” Job I Pursued Marketing

Welcome to Her Passion Project. Born from the many experiences both great and small that make up life. I am a student of life. My background has been diverse yet interconnected in a way that has brought me here. I always knew that I wanted to help others. I have an empathy and compassion for helping and healing others that I think is just intrinsic. My college experience lead me to psychology because I wanted so much to help others like me, coming from a broken and dysfunctional home.

I discovered massage therapy while on my career path and realized it was part of my life path, again helping others feel better and look at things just a bit differently just lit me up from the inside. I also studied Reiki which is an ancient form of energy healing having roots thousands of years old. For years, almost nine to be exact, I practiced massage therapy and Reiki on dozens of clients that today I now call friends.

Once I had to get a “real” job, I pursued marketing, to again solve a problem. I found myself working in the pleasure products industry. Some might call it porn, but, it’s all in how you frame it. Actually, it was one of the most liberating experiences I’d ever had. I marketed for a large distribution company and I was privy to the underbelly of society. And guess what, it wasn’t as seedy as you might think. In fact, it is quite mainstream and contrary to popular belief it is a part of modern culture and becomes more so every day.

Then there was the dreaded job, of what one marketer who once described it as, “rolling someone else’s turds in glitter”. That was exactly how I felt when I worked in an advertising agency. Well of course you need that credit card…so that you can make that bigger purchase!  Yes, I was one of those people who created marketing campaigns to convince people that they needed more credit! Not a shining moment I agree, but I needed to pay the bills.

And now here I am, starting the next leg of the journey. Finally coming back to the beginning where I am truly at home within myself. I am here on this planet at this time to provide healing in any way that you need to receive it. I live and breathe wanting to help people – women really, who want to feel comfortable in their own skin, who don’t feel like a fake at work because they have a desire to achieve, or to those who choose not to become a mother, against all of the criticism and guilt society puts on them. My passion is helping woman find there passion!  I’m a life coach now. I have been called to bring all of things I’ve learned, taught, and believe together so that I can do my part to serve the world.

My role as a self-empowerment coach is to help you discover your true passion whether it be in your career, your family, your community or in your intimate life. I am honored that you have chosen to read my blog (and my first ever post) and to learn more about who I am and my journey that has brought me here. I look forward to working with you and helping you discover you and your passions, your path, and purpose!


With Much Gratitude!



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